– Bucket List –

Maxine luxury travel arrangements

I would love to share secret adventures with you,

create our very own private experiences and some hot memories.

Would you like to go on a voyage of discovery that will catapult us both to cloud 7?

 Are you tempted by my Bikini?

Thinking of a Staycation with Maxines independent escort luxury travel?

Then check this out:

Places I would love to return to :

Most definitely the Bahamas !
( all i can say is , you need to see those swimming Pigs 😉)

Adventures I would love to share with you :

Lavenderfields in full Bloom…….. just inhale !

At the shooting range… 😉 ( only shooting Love ;-))

Horseback Riding at a beautiful Beach

a weekend on a desert island ?

a hot affair with a politician.

a classical ballet performance, preferably the Russian State Ballet

if you would like to tick one of the above 

feel free to contact me 😉 

independent escort luxury travel


International Independent Maxine Escort

Invite me for adventure

choose wisely 😉