bucket-list- International travel Escort

– Bucket List –

Maxine international travel escort arrangements

I would love to share secret adventures with you,

create our very own private experiences and some hot memories.

Would you like to go on a voyage of discovery that will catapult us both to cloud 7?

 Are you tempted by my Bikini?

Thinking of a Staycation with Maxines independent escort luxury travel?

Then check out my personal bucket-list:

Places I would love to return to :

Most definitely the Bahamas !
( all i can say is , you need to see those swimming Pigs 😉)

Adventures I would love to share with you :

Lavenderfields in full Bloom…….. just inhale !

At the shooting range… 😉 ( only shooting Love ;-))

Horseback Riding at a beautiful Beach

a weekend on a desert island ?

a hot affair with a politician.

a classical ballet performance, preferably the Russian State Ballet

if you would like to tick one of the above 

feel free to contact me 😉 

independent luxury travel escort


International travel escort
International travel Escort

Luxury travel escort Maxine would love to discover

luxury travel escort

Dennis Severs House London

Time travel through historic ancient times , take a look , i would love to discover 😉


Invite me for adventure

choose wisely 😉

International Travel Escort