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Elite Independent Escort Companion

… only a small excerpt of what is possible with Elite Independent Escort Companion:  

Dates over two hours, should include time outside of the boudoir. It’s my belief that those who choose to spend time with me do so for more than just a quick romp ;-).

Let’s grab a drink, have dinner, go to a show… will also be perfect to get to know each other and start flirting.

Elite Independent Escort Companion Maxine, starting from 2 hours up to a long weekend, gladly also spent with one of my friends, or maybe you know someone special , I would swoon over…simply contact me .

I reserve the right to request a security/safety deposit for first time dates (inside and outside of Hamburg) because my safety and well-being is very important to me, I hope you understand.

I would be very pleased if you would discreetly hand over the famous envelope at the beginning of our time together, so that I don’t have to ask for it.

Fly_me_to_you & travel arrangements
I absolutely love traveling and am happy to accompany you on a trip or come to visit you with enthusiasm and passion worldwide.

Please contact me for special requests. I am passport-ready for our adventure .

I am couple friendly, actually a giant fan of this,
Please simply add 250 € to each rate option 😉
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elite independent escort companion


You and me, each on our sofas or wherever, just a glass of wine and a dinner-date-like conversation. We can exchange, flirt, get to know each other, laugh about stuff and smile about things together. However, I would like to point out in advance, that I will not take the role of a camgirl, so no *I'm naked on a bear skin and penetrate my body openings with objects*. So, here are the rules for our *virtual dinner date* Advance Payment 20 minutes /100€ only by appointment.

Elite Independent Escort

THE FINEPRINT to save the Date

You want to secure your Date with your elite independent escort companion Maxine outside of Hamburg? A Downpayment on our “together Time” gives both of us the needed Security.

Nothing is more sexy , than knowing our Date is secure and safe in every aspect. Banktransfer is the way to go, i will email you the Details as soon as possible.  

Fly_me_to_you & travel arrangements

Simply ask me 😉 

Yess !I absolutely love traveling and am happy to accompany you on a trip or come to visit you with enthusiasm and passion anywhere in the world.

  I only would need a couple of days to coordinate our Time planned, with my “fully dressed Job”.

Additional to Travelcosts, please consider accommodation, if your schedule is to tight and it is not possible to wake up together.

Ok, something unexpected occurred?

Sadly sometimes Things just happen and you need to cancel or postpone our Date ?

The Good News is , we will just leave your Deposit at Rest, until we agree on a alternative Date. The bad News is, that you have to be extra patient to enjoy the Maxine Experience with your Independent Companion.

In case of me being the one to have to cancel or postpone our sexy encounter, you will be refunded full, if we cannot agree on an alternative Date.

your elite independent escort 


I can`t wait to meet you, but until we do , simply follow me on social media .....