Private Escort Hamburg

private escort independent Hamburg

Yes, please! Most definitely discretion is one of the highest qualities. My Lovers just know, that I am their private escort and that  they can rely on me in this and many more aspects. 

What happens between us , stays between us ,only.I am there for you , your private Independent Escort in Hamburg.

I really feel drawn to you , if you have a good sense of Humor, have a generous mindset,

are grown and at the same time relaxed in any aspect, basically simply sure of yourself.

A good Sexdrive should not be missing either  😉

I love Champagner in any form or variation.

Be it in the shape of a bottle in a cooler, as part of my very own „special invention“,

a Cocktail, or Aperitif.

Also my favorites are „Golden Dream“ and „ Basil Smash“,not to be forgotten „Latte Macchiato“…have you seen my „Latte Machiato Oracle“ on Twitter ?

As a Private High Class Independent Escort in Hamburg, Gentlemen with grey temples… mmh, and if you have this „smirk“ in you eyes, I am absolutely driven, it will make me go oooohlala…

Chocolates ( of course) as truffle or praline.

Oilbaths and massages are another craze of mine .

Always, always the Beach, Sun and Ocean, or Pool, it cannot be too hot and wet for me …

Schnuggies are Gentlemen I absolutely favor and adore, my Favorites 😉 These Guys simply made me feel so good and connected so well, I would not want to miss them.

Yessss please, I simply love it, if you try to put a big smile on my face .

spoil Maxine…

Private high class escort in Hamburg

high class escort

your private escort companion in Hamburg

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